Gios is a bearded, scruffy, gay Italian man who loves to travel and to get to know this small world.

The Scruffy Italian Traveller

Discover the world with Gious who is a bearded, scruffy, gay man who loves discovering the world. He is deeply in love with the country where he comes from, Italy; with its beautiful region, Puglia, the “heel of the boot”; with his family, and of course with all his good friends, wherever in the world they are.

His website and social media is made up of short, concise posts, with images and straight to the point tips and suggestions of what to see in the places that he visits!

He want’s you to discover his life, laugh and love the finest things in life: sea, beach, nice nights out, cozy nights in, great food and good wine.


SOURCE: The Scruffy Italian Traveller

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