Two Bad Tourists

Two Bad Tourists are Auston & David who are a young gay couple. They have a unique perspective on travel.

Whether it’s Pride hopping around Europe or traveling in Africa where gay rights are negligible, they are constantly exposed to new experiences and unfamiliar cultures.

Though many people don’t realize, travel is more achievable than they think and they want to prove that it’s also possible to do without spending a lot of money. They hope to inspire those who want to travel to actually do it and those who already do to travel more.

Why Bad Tourists and why this is a good thing?

They like to travel “their way” and not the way you’re “supposed to.” For some reason, there is a lot of peer-pressure that you feel when you visit a new place. They try to avoid the pressure of hyper-sightseeing and prefer to experience a destination as if you lived in that city. Whether it’s going for drinks at a neighborhood bar, checking out a local festival or taking a stroll in a city park, they travel a bit slower and try to take in more by seeing less. (Bad Boys Editor 100% agrees)

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